How To Rid Your Home Of Mice

6 May 2015
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Mice are dirty and destructive little creatures you want to keep as far from your home as possible. They will leave their excrement in your cupboards, eat through your food packaging to get at the food, destroy the wiring in your home and reproduce in your home. The sooner you are able to get rid of the mice in your home, the better off you will be. Follow the tips in this article to get them out of your home.

Make food inaccessible: Once you find out you have a problem with mice, you want to take all the food out of your counters. Throw out anything the mice have tampered with. Put the rest in containers you can seal tightly. For example, pour your cereal into a plastic container with a lid.

Seal entryways: Go around your house and make sure you repair any holes or large cracks that allow the mice to freely come and go when they please. You also want to make sure your doggy door is sealed and any windows you tend to leave open have screens that are in good condition.

Keep the house tidy: Try to limit the amount of nesting options a mouse has in your home by keeping laundry, papers, boxes and all other clutter off the floor. Sweep, mop and wipe down your counters daily to make sure you don't leave any crumbs around.

Set traps: To get rid of the mice currently invading your home, you want to trap them. You can go with humane traps which require you to release the mouse after trapping it, or you can go with deadly traps. The type of trap you go with depends on your comfort zone. No matter what type of traps you go with, you want to check them daily. If you don't check them often then the mouse body will start to stink, leaving a bad smell in your home that's hard to get rid of.

Call an exterminator: If you have a hard time getting a handle on your mouse problem, or you don't have the stomach for setting traps, then you should out a professional exterminator. The exterminator will be able to take care of the problem for you and provide you with extra tips to prevent further mice invasions from occurring. They will deal with everything for you so you can forget you ever had a problem with mice.

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