What You Should Know About Maintaining Your Septic Tank: 3 Tips

21 October 2020
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Your septic tank is a holding tank that sits in your yard and is attached to the sewer drains in your home. The sewage that goes down the drains goes into this septic tank and is held there until it is pumped out, which typically happens every few years. If your septic tank has any issues, it's your responsibility to have it repaired. It's also your responsibility to have your septic tank maintained. Read More 

3 Different Types Of Hurricane Shutters For Your Home

29 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When you have to prepare for hurricanes each year, you need to have a permanent method for protecting your windows. Hurricane shutters are the most affordable way to protect your windows each time a storm comes through your area. When it comes to the type you use on your home, there are a few different options. Option #1: Storm Panels A storm panel is made from corrugated aluminum or steel that overlaps one another in order to provide stronger protection. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Shopping At A Local Showroom Is Often A Better Idea Than Shopping Online

14 September 2020
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Shopping for furniture online has become increasingly popular, and some stores even offer online shopping exclusively. Online shopping has a number of perks—it offers a greater selection, and it's easier for shoppers to quickly compare different items of furniture. However, it's not a good idea to move to online furniture shopping entirely—shopping at a furniture showroom in-person gives you a number of benefits that online shopping simply can't provide. When you're decorating your home, read on to learn three reasons to shop at a local furniture store. Read More