4 Tips To Choosing The Right Bamboo For Your Home Garden

26 April 2023
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Quick-growing, hardy, and beautiful, bamboo can be an excellent addition to your home garden. However, with so many varieties available, it is important to know what kind of bamboo will be a good pick before heading to the bamboo tree nursery. Ill-picked bamboo can actually be invasive and difficult to take care of. Take a look at a few things to consider before you pick the right type of bamboo for your home garden. 

Consider the Amount of Space Available 

There are many bamboo species available at the bamboo tree nursery. However, most can be classified into either clumping or running bamboo. In short, running varieties spread out relatively quickly because their root systems spread below ground fast. Clumping bamboo is not as fast-growing and tends to stick together in small clumps or clusters. Running bamboo varieties works well if you have a large space to be covered and do not want to buy as many plants. 

Think About the Climate in Your Area 

Bamboo is a hardy plant in general, but certain species do better in certain climates. Consider the average temperatures in your area over the last several years and then work with a pro at the bamboo tree nursery to find a species that will work well for your area. If you do plant warm-climate species and experience cold temperatures in the winter, you may have to move your bamboo indoors to protect it when the cold settles in. 

Examine Shade Verus Sunlight Availability 

Depending on the type of bamboo you choose, the plant may need several hours of sunlight. Or, the plant may thrive best in shady areas. Take a look at your garden and how much sunlight is generally available before heading to the nursery to pick a species. If you have a lot of trees and foliage, your best picks may be those that can grow well in shady areas. 

Evaluate How Tall You Want the Bamboo to Be

Bamboo trees grow incredibly tall even though they may have a small footprint on the ground. The expected height with different bamboo species can be anywhere from 15 to 39 feet. Look at overhead features that may cause issues, such as power lines, light poles, or other trees. If you have overhead features that could be in the way if the bamboo grows too tall, you will either have to pick a low-stature variety or commit to ongoing maintenance. 

For more information on a bamboo tree nursery, contact a professional near you.