Three Reasons To Use Pipe Insulation

11 August 2022
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A plumbing job might seem complete once you connect all of your pipes and fittings, but the job truly isn't done until you wrap each of the exposed pieces of pipe with pipe insulation. You can buy all sorts of pipe insulation at any plumbing store in your area, as well as other supplies that you'll need to complete the job. If you haven't previously used pipe insulation, you'll find that it's easy to work with. You cut it to length and then wrap it around each piece of pipe, adhering it to itself with its adhesive strip. Here are three reasons to use pipe insulation.

Prevent Heat Loss

A big reason to use pipe insulation in your home is to prevent heat loss. Several of the pipes throughout your home carry hot water to your various faucets. Without insulation, the heat from the water can dissipate as it travels through the pipe. This can result in the water not being as hot as you'd like when it exits the faucet. Heat loss is also a problem because you're paying to heat the water; when you lose heat, you're spending more on your heating bill than necessary. Pipe insulation around the hot water pipes will prevent heat loss.

Avoid Condensation

You don't want to just use pipe insulation on the hot water pipes. It's also important to insulate the pipes that carry cold water. With cold water running through them, these pipes can develop condensation on the outside. Over time, this condensation can drip onto the floor and potentially either cause a mess or cause damage. Wrapping these pipes with pipe insulation will prevent condensation and the issues that result from it.

Protect Yourself

While the two above points are the primary reasons to use pipe insulation, it can come in handy in another way. If you're working on a project in close proximity to some plumbing, having the pipes wrapped in insulation will make them softer. If you bump your head or another body part into the pipe, which is very easy to do when you're working in a confined space such as under a sink, the impact will hurt much less when the pipe has foam insulation around it. Before your next plumbing job, plan to visit a plumbing supply shop in your area to check out its selection of pipe insulation pieces and to buy whatever you need. 

For more information, visit a local plumbing supply store.