Three Types of Lawn Treatment That Help You Maintain a Perfect Lawn

13 January 2022
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Lawn treatment is critical for every homeowner. But what's lawn treatment? You may think it's just one lawn care practice, but it's not. Lawn treatment usually refers to various lawn care practices that help homeowners grow and maintain a green and healthy lawn. Your lawn should be healthy and have thick roots throughout the year. However, you only achieve great results when you involve a professional in lawn treatment services. Lawn care experts know the practices that can effectively help you create a functional and beautiful lawn. Lawn treatment is critical for anyone who wants to create and maintain a perfect lawn, and here's is what it entails.

Pest, Fungus, and Disease Treatment

Pests are among the top adversaries of a healthy lawn. Some of the pests that might invade your lawn include sod webworms, beetles, crickets, fire ants, millipedes, and silverfish. Most of these pests live in the blades of your lush grass, and they usually feed on the roots, leaves, and soil, deteriorating the health and appearance of your lawn. Fortunately, professional pest control treatment can help eradicate them. In addition, fungus and various types of lawn diseases can cause tremendous damage to your lawn. For instance, they create dead grass patches throughout the lawn. Lawn diseases usually spread quickly due to factors like excess humidity and overwatering. Luckily, applying fungicides and the right disease-control solutions can help keep fungus and lawn diseases at bay.

Weed Control Treatment

Where possible, your lawn should be weed-free throughout the year. Weeds compete for nutrients, sunlight, and space with your lawn grass, and that's why you should control them in good time. However, how you eradicate the weeds determines whether they will be an unrelenting problem to your lawn. Always hire a lawn care expert to control the weeds because they know the most effective way to do it. They usually combine pre and post-emergent herbicides and apply them correctly. Pre-emergent herbicides kill weed seeds before they germinate or grow into plants, while the post-emergent ones kill the weeds that have already grown. But these herbicides need to be applied properly for them to work effectively.

Fertilizer Treatment

In most cases, the soil provides the nutrients that boost grass growth. However, it could sometimes lack some nutrients, which may affect the health of your lawn grass in some ways. You should apply the right fertilizer to give your lawn all the nutrients it needs to stay sturdy and green. Ensure you hire a lawn treatment expert because they will help you apply the fertilizer that's correctly formulated. Actually, the lawn will have weak roots and unhealthy leaves without the right fertilizer.

Contact a lawn treatment company to learn more about ways to better care for your lawn.