3 Reasons Why Shopping At A Local Showroom Is Often A Better Idea Than Shopping Online

14 September 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Shopping for furniture online has become increasingly popular, and some stores even offer online shopping exclusively. Online shopping has a number of perks—it offers a greater selection, and it's easier for shoppers to quickly compare different items of furniture. However, it's not a good idea to move to online furniture shopping entirely—shopping at a furniture showroom in-person gives you a number of benefits that online shopping simply can't provide. When you're decorating your home, read on to learn three reasons to shop at a local furniture store.

1. You'll Save on Shipping Costs

When you buy furniture online, you'll pay a substantial amount of money on shipping fees. Some online stores offer free shipping, but this only means that they roll the price of shipping into the list price of the item. It costs quite a bit of money to ship heavy furniture items like dressers or beds across the country, so high shipping costs are unavoidable regardless of whether it's rolled into the list price or quoted separately on your order.

Shopping at a local furniture showroom allows you to avoid paying the high shipping costs associated with buying furniture online. Furniture showrooms cater to local clients, so items are commonly shipped from the store or from a warehouse located nearby. If you have access to a truck and some moving supplies, you can often simply pick up furniture items yourself in order to eliminate shipping costs entirely. When you shop local, you ensure that you're spending your money on the item of furniture you're buying and not on extraneous shipping fees.

2. You'll Have an Easier Time With Interior Decorating

Furniture showrooms carefully stage their sets so that all of the items of furniture complement one another. Additionally, most furniture showrooms specialize in one style of furniture (for example, modern, contemporary, or traditional.) Shopping at a single showroom makes it easy to keep your home's interior decorating style cohesive, both on a room-by-room basis and across your entire house.

With online shopping, however, it can be difficult to decorate your home in a specific style unless you know exactly what you're looking for. Certain pieces of furniture may catch your eye, but blending several styles in one room tends to look jumbled and chaotic. When furniture in a room is complimentary, it brings the look of the entire room together into a cohesive whole.

3. You'll Be Able to Test Out Furniture Before You Buy It

When you're buying beds, love seats, or sofas, it's important to test how comfortable they are before you buy them. You have no way of doing this when you're purchasing furniture online. Relying on reviews from other online customers can be a problem since people often have very different ideas about what they consider comfortable—that's why beds vary in how firm or soft they are. When you shop in a furniture showroom, you'll have the chance to check the comfort level of whatever you're buying before you commit to it.

Overall, the convenience and selection of online shopping often don't outweigh the perks of shopping at a local furniture store. You'll be able to see furniture up close and visualize how it will look in your home. It's easier to decorate your home in the same style, and you'll save money on shipping. The next time you look for new furniture, make sure to take a trip to the local furniture showrooms in your area.