Simple Projects To Update Landscaping Around Your Pool

17 May 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you have a pool with an outdated look, there are plenty of landscaping upgrades you can do to help. A few strategic projects can make your pool area a more modern space that you can enjoy and use to entertain guests. Here are four simple landscaping projects that can update the look of your pool area.

1. Planting Lush Greenery

If your pool is lined by cement that takes up a lot of space, bring in large potted plants or build planter boxes on top of this. This can break this up and add landscaping to an otherwise sterile environment. If you have rocks or spaces alongside pool fencing, adding in greenery can add a tropical feel to your pool space and even a level of privacy. Bamboo can be planted along borders and will grow quickly to add a more natural look to your pool area.

2. Laying Stone or Bricks Over Cement

If cement walkways take up quite a bit of your pool and yard space, this can make your pool area feel dated and not much to look at. Rather than ripping up cement or redoing your pool, consider a less expensive alternative such as laying brick or stone tiling on top of existing cement. This will update your space and can even be done to match other areas of your yard or home.

3. Upgrading Your Existing Fence

Safety is key when it comes to pools. Sometimes having a fence surrounding your pool is a must in order to protect kids and pets from accessing this space while unattended. If your pool fence is dated and needs an upgrade, you might not need to spend money with a reinstallation. Planting vines that can grow up and around iron or chain link fencing can make this look more inviting. Adding an accent layer of lattice alongside or on top of a wooden fence can freshen up your old fence in no time.

4. Setting the Scene

What is the point of having a pool in your backyard if you can't entertain? If you have a lot of unused space around your pool, consider adding in some furnishings for the party. Incorporating a bar space and a patio table can turn your pool into a cabana where people can sit, relax, and have fun in and out of the pool.

While having a pool can be nice, it can get expensive quickly if your space needs a landscaping overhaul. If you can think outside of the box and get creative with some DIY upgrades, your pool area can look brand new with just a few minor additions. If you are stumped on where to start with your space, bring in landscaping services or click here for more information to assess and give suggestions.