Paint Be Gone! - How To Remove Latex Paint From New Windowpanes

22 March 2016
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If you recently had new windows installed in your home and a couple of the glass panes have dried latex paint spots on them from spillage that occurred while you were touching up the casings, learn how to remove them with the following steps. Once paint has been removed, the windowpanes will continue to have a crystal clear appearance that will add beauty to your home's interior and exterior.


  • plastic putty knife
  • plastic sheeting
  • painter's tape
  • non-abrasive sponge
  • mineral spirits
  • bucket of water
  • glass cleaner
  • lint-free cloth

Remove The Paint Spots

While on a ladder, remove as much paint from each pane with the edge of a plastic putty knife. Insert the tip of the knife carefully under the edge of each spot and lift the knife's handle to loosen the spots. Do not scrape any of the panes with the knife or add firm pressure to its tip while treating the glass because it can cause scratches to form. Remove as much paint as you can in this manner.

Eliminate Paint Specks That Remain

Cover the window casings with pieces of plastic sheeting that are secured with a couple strips of painter's tape so that the fresh paint on them isn't exposed to mineral spirits. Pour a small amount of mineral spirits onto a damp sponge. Press the sponge firmly against each portion of the glass that has paint specks on it. Move the sponge back and forth over each area until all of the paint has been removed.

You may need to add more mineral spirits to the sponge if there are a lot of paint specks on the glass. Rinse the sponge out with plain water and wipe it over each area that was treated to remove any mineral spirits that remain on the glass. 

Clean, Dry, And Care For The Windowpanes

If any of the windowpanes have visible streaks on them, spray them with a liberal amount of standard window cleaner and wipe them with a lint-free cloth. Use straight strokes when moving the cloth over the glass in order to receive the best results. Continue wiping the windowpanes until they are dry and clear. Remove the plastic sheeting that is covering the window casings.

Your home's new windowpanes will be restored to the condition they were in when they were first installed. In the future, remove spills from the glass as soon as possible to prevent staining. If you are ever going to be painting your home's exterior or the window casings, cover the glass panes with plastic sheeting to keep them protected. Contact a business, such as Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., for more information.