Want To Buy A Great Housewarming Gift On A Tight Budget? Great Gift Combos To Consider

20 January 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you have friends moving into a new place and they don't have any home décor, there are some great items you can get to help them decorate the space. Most people don't want to spend a lot of money after moving into a new place, since moving, getting the new place and getting the essentials can be costly, so you can get them things that are fun without spending a ton.

There are many ideas that will quickly brighten up the space and make the space more decorative. You can pair a large gift with a small gift to make the gift seem more luxurious. Here are a few great ideas.

Chalkboard Frame and Coasters

A chalkboard with a decorative frame is a great item for the person to hang anywhere they want, and they can use chalkboard markers to put seasonal messages, daily reminders and more. You can get these framed in a variety of colors and they are easy to clean. Coasters are a great affordable gift to pair with the frame, and you can get coasters with name initials, holiday shapes or specific colors.

Lanterns and Citronella Candle                                    

You can buy cheap lanterns online to go outside if they have a deck or patio at their new place. These will provide light, as well as decorative appeal. There are also many great ways to use a lantern as a decorative piece inside the home. Along with the lantern, a candle made of citronella to repel bugs is a great addition to their outdoor space and it smells great.

Serving Tray and Drink Glasses

A serving tray is not just for serving drinks. The host can use it on a coffee table, ottoman or in the bedroom to display items, and they will, of course, be able to use it when they actually do want to serve drinks or a meal. Drink glasses are items that can be paired with the serving tray for a low price. If you know they like a specific drink, then you can get drink-specific glassware.

You can get great gifts without spending a ton of money, and your friends will appreciate anything that you get them for the new space. Get them modern and chic items that will complement their new space. The more you save on your purchases, the more great items you can buy for your friend (or yourself!) and their new space.