Does Your Yard Look Bare And Naked? Get The Yard You Want With These Great Items

20 January 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Are you wondering what to put in your bare yard, because there is no landscaping yet? There are many items that you can put, but if you want a low maintenance yard you want to think smart.

Head to your local landscaping supply store to get all of the supplies that you need to make your yard great. If you don't want to spend hours doing landscaping, these are the items you want to get.

Low Maintenance Shrubs

Do you want to spend a lot of time watering, pruning or caring for your bushes and shrubs? If not, choose plants that can live easily in the sun if you're putting them in an open space, or in the shade if they're being placed somewhere that won't get a lot of sunlight. You can get bushes that only need to be trimmed once a year, so you aren't spending your weekends trimming and raking. Low maintenance trees and flowers or other plants also add style and texture to the yard.

Rocks or Stones 

Mulch can be a lot of maintenance. You have to put new mulch down every year because it gets faded in the sun and damaged by the weather. Stones aren't going to blow away in the wind, they aren't going to get damaged by the sun, and they look great. Once you put them down they should last for years. The larger the rocks, the easier they will be to manage. Dig out the topsoil where the stones will go and apply a liner before you put the stones or rocks down.

Weed Killer 

Many people think they need to constantly spread fertilizer throughout the property, but this often causes a huge weed problem. Instead of getting small bottles of weed killer, get a commercial bottle with a dispenser so you can easily spray the weeds as needed, instead of having to squirt little amounts out. You can carry the tub and spray with ease until all the weeds are gone. It's more affordable to by the weed killer on your own instead having an expert come spray the yard.

These are some basic items you'll want to get your yard growing and looking great when it's barren and empty.  There are other decorative items and accessories you can get to put on the porch, around the stones, and on the property to make your house look welcoming.