Weed Control Tips For Your Garden: 2 Supplies That Keep Weeds From Growing In The First Place

30 May 2015
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Summer is the time when weed species, such as crabgrass and barnyard grass, emerge and grow out of control. Once these weeds take over your garden, you need to take action to get rid of them. But, if you expose your garden to the wrong chemicals and methods, you may destroy your vegetables and plants instead. You need to stop the weeds from growing at their sources, including in the walkways and paths around your garden. Here are two supplies you need to get and tips on how to use them.

Weed Mat

The walkways and paths around your garden can attract weeds during the summer, especially if the pavement has cracks in it. Weeds can easily migrate to your garden once mature and sprout seeds. Weeds can reproduce by releasing seeds into the air. This method makes it easy for weeds to take over your property.

Instead of making extensive repairs to your walking paths, cover them with weed mats. The mats prevent sunlight and water from reaching the soil between the cracked pavement. Without a food source, the weeds can't grow around your garden.

You should try to cover every walking path that surrounds or leads to the garden with the mats. If possible, ask your supplier for professional tips on how to place your mats. 


Once you protect the walking paths, it's time to protect the soil around your flowers, vegetables and other plants with mulch. Mulch is made of a variety of things, but chipped wood, dried plants and dead leaves are common ingredients for it.

Most cities give homeowners free mulch for their properties. However, you may want to purchase your own mulch to ensure that it doesn't contain weed seedlings or vegetable-eating bugs.

After you obtain your mulch, place it in every visible area in the garden. Mulch absorbs moisture and water, so it won't starve your plants' roots of nourishment. 

In addition, mulch is the perfect tool against weeds. Mulch has a dense texture that doesn't leave room for weed plants to grow through. If the weeds can grow, they hibernate in the soil or die. 

If you still have problems with weeds in your garden after trying the tips and supplies above, contact your supplier about other weed control supplies you can use. The supplier may offer green weed killer treatments that won't harm your plants, including your vegetables and delicate flowers.