Create A Shady Sanctuary With A Bed Of Ferns Around The Trees In Your Yard

20 March 2015
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If you want to add a lush, tropical air to your property, consider adding some shade-loving ferns around the base of the trees in your yard. These lovely, hardy greens will bring a natural cover to the area around the tree trunks, while providing some aesthetic interest and intrigue to your entire property. Transform a shady grove of trees into an exotic garden with rich colors, appealing textures, and longevity throughout the seasons. Consider the following when adding ferns to the trees around your yard and garden:

The needs of ferns

Ferns are an excellent option for areas of your property that don't get a lot of sunlight, and this can be the case underneath the cover of a mature tree. Typically, when plants get less sun, they produce less flowers, but they may still thrive and become beautiful green foliage. Ferns do best when they are planted in rich, moist soil.

Shorter ferns for cover

Use shorter ferns for cover and to create a lovely bed for the tree in your yard to rise up from. Depending on what growing zone you live in, Japanese Silver fern and Oak fern will do well in these conditions, reaching a height of around 12 inches.

Taller ferns to fill-in

Use slightly taller ferns to bring some texture and visual intrigue to your woodland garden. Some great choices in most growing zones include Lady fern and Marsh fern, which can reach heights of approximately 3 feet. For a really interesting touch, add deep green Soft Tree ferns, which have been known to grow up to 25 feet tall.

Fern bed tips

When you are preparing to plant your ferns, pay attention to the following for the best results:

  • Prune the lower branches of the tree before planting your ferns. This will help to limit shade during the formative time for your ferns.
  • After planting, water the ferns well and add several inches of mulch over the top to help protect the plants. Leaves make a good mulch for this job.
  • Keep the ferns within a certain area and dig them up if they grow too far away from the base of the tree or the landscape design that you have planned. If you are careful when handling these ferns, they may be replanted in a different area of your landscaping.

Ferns are the perfect complement to the trees in your yard, and they can help create a lush garden in spots that might be shady or obscured. Create your own shady retreat by adding a simple bench to the foliage surrounding your yard or garden, and relax surrounded by lush, green ferns. For more information, contact a tree care service like Lawn-Tech, Ltd.