3 Packing Tips To Make Your Move Easy And Cheap

17 February 2015
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Packing for a move will always take much longer than you originally thought. This is critical to keep in mind when you're planning how to spend your time right before you move because if you start too late, you might be in a rush and pack poorly or spend more money on packing than you would prefer. Follow these three tips in order to make packing for a move easy and inexpensive.

1. Start Packing Early

Try to allow yourself at least three weeks before your move to begin packing. This will allow you to pack a little bit each day without having to spend hours during the last few days. If you choose to take this much time, start by packing the items that you use the least. If you do this, you won't find yourself packing and then unpacking items if you happen to need them. Examples of items to pack first include fine china and silverware that you never use, decorations that you look at but don't actually need, and out-of-season clothing that you won't need for a few months. If you have the time, create a schedule for what you would like to pack each day and try to stick to it. On the off-chance that you do need an item that you've already packed, make sure that you label each box.

2. Don't Buy Boxes

Buying boxes is way more expensive than anyone would like to think. The easiest thing you can do is simply go to a recycling center or old office center and see if they have any used boxes that they can give you. Another option for boxes is to ask your friends to see if they have any reusable boxes that they would be willing to lend you. Most people have reusable plastic boxes lying around that they don't need in that moment.

3. Don't Pack Any Extra Space

If you have an item that can be filled, fill it. Fill your dresser drawers with books or clothes before you pack it onto the truck in order to save yourself the extra trips carrying boxes. Fill your pots and pans that can't next with jewelry and other small items. Consolidate your packing as much as possible in order to make sure that it can be done in only a few trips.

For more information on making your move easy, contact a professional moving company, such as Cross Town Movers.