Remodel Your Garden Shed To Make It More Comfortable

6 February 2015
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Your shed doesn't have to be a dark and dismal place to house your gardening and yard tools. Learn cool tips you can use to make this space more comfortable for you to use.

Install a heater

You can use a portable heater when you are in your shed organizing your tools or potting plants during the late fall or early spring. Portable heaters are great for warming up in cool spaces for limited amounts of time, but you should only use them if you are planning on being in the shed the whole time it is on. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your shed either managing starter plants or working on home projects, you'll benefit in having a thermostat and heater professionally installed so you can manage your temperature settings at all times. Have an electrician evaluate your space so they can recommend the best heating appliance for your needs. Always keep the name of your electrician or HVAC specialist on hand so you can ask for help with heater repair and other needs later.

Add low lighting

An electrician can install light fixtures in your shed that hang low so you can easily see your projects. Bright white lighting is ideal in this type of small space. If you need heat lamps for your indoor garden plants, an electrician can string wires safely along your walls so you aren't tripping on extension cords while you work. If you have a larger shed, recessed lighting is a great option, as it helps you make better use of your ceiling for hanging tools and other supplies without worrying about light fixtures in the way.

Air conditioning for summer comfort

Just as you need a heater for the cooler months, an air conditioner may be necessary for the summer as well. Consider having an AC and heater installation in your garden shed so you can be comfortable at all times of year. You can have a single vent installed that can be used for both heating and cooling, and discreet appliances placed in a corner of your shed so space isn't being compromised for your own comfort.

There are many ways you can remodel your garden shed so it is much more enjoyable to use. An electrician can install heating and cooling appliances so you can have temperature control. Great lighting helps make your work space much easier to use as well. With a little remodeling, you can love your shed area that much more, and make better use of this space on your property.