4 Types Of Blinds To Choose From

27 January 2015
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The blinds that you use for the windows in your home can make a huge difference in terms of appearance. After all, the blinds and the curtains add a touch of style and color that can make or break the entire space. This is why you need to choose the type of blinds that you use carefully. Here are the four different types that you may be interested in:

  1. Wooden Blinds: Wooden blinds are the most traditional option. Plus, these blinds typically look great with any interior decor and can easily be matched with the curtains that you want to add. Unfortunately, wooden blinds can sometimes be expensive, especially if you need to have them custom fitted to your windows. You also cannot have wooden blinds in rooms with high moisture, such as in the bathrooms, since they can warp the material. However, you can shop at a place like Brandt's Interiors & Workroom and find wooden blinds that are within your budget and that work perfectly in the main rooms of your house.
  2. Honeycomb Blinds: Honeycomb blinds provide a lot of privacy at an affordable price, but they still can allow a great deal of natural light in. This is because the honeycomb blinds are made of a light material that doesn't block the sunlight from making its way in. Don't worry about the harsh UV rays getting in though; these blinds offer UV protection which can even help to keep your cooling costs low. Just be aware that these blinds are difficult to clean, so if you want to make the room dark, you will need to add heavy blinds to the windows as well. 
  3. Roman Shades: Roman shades are made from fabric, thus combining the use of blinds and curtains. Typically, you will not need to add curtains to your windows when you use these shades. This is because they come in many colors and styles. On top of this, Roman shades are affordable and are easy to take down and clean. Just be aware that like wood blinds, Roman shades cannot be used in the bathroom since the moisture can cause mildew to form on the fabric. 
  4. Bottom-Up Shades: These blinds pull down from the bottom instead of from the top, which makes for a unique option. These are typically used for second-story windows since they allow for more privacy, but still let you enjoy sunlight if you wish.

By knowing what blind options are available, you can make an easier decision and choose the blinds that are perfect for your home.